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3/3/14 News Release: New Facility Enables the Strategic Acquisition of Capital Equipment to Enhance Cloud Company's Production Capabilities

Cloud Company has moved its corporate headquarters to a new state-of-the-art facility. Still located in San Luis Obispo, Calif., the 26,000 square foot facility will house all of Cloud's manufacturing, engineering, customer service and administrative offices. The move comes on the heels of years of steady sales growth across all product lines in addition to the organization's acquisition of Sellers Cleaning Systems.

Built with continued growth in mind, this new facility allows for the strategic expansion of Cloud's production capabilities. Cloud manufactures, builds and tests all tank cleaning machines and products in-house. The facility will enable the company to better leverage its recent investments in modern manufacturing equipment, including CNC mills and lathes, plus 3-D printers that support the company's growth and new product development initiatives. The new plant will allow the company to improve the support it provides its worldwide network of customers, strategic business partners and distribution channels. View facility photos.

6/6/2012 News Release: New Product Announcement

Cloud is pleased to announce the dual nozzle TANK-MAN® is now available with 5/16" (7.9 mm) nozzles for use at lower flows. Perfect for brewing, chemical, food processing and bulk transport vessels, the model 80-100-FA provides the same thorough 360-degree cleaning pattern with reduced flow requirements. And, as with all TANK-MAN cleaning machines, the new size delivers reliable and thorough tank cleaning at operating pressures of up to 200 psi (13.8 bar). Click here for more information.

12/17/2010 News Release: Spraying Systems Co. and Cloud Company Form Tank Cleaning Equipment Strategic Alliance

Two of the leading suppliers of tank cleaning equipment are teaming up to expand product availability and technical support around the world. The alliance enables Spraying Systems Co., the global leader in spray technology and Cloud-Sellers Cleaning Systems, the pioneer of tank cleaning products, to offer a wider range of products to existing customers and expand into new markets. Click here for more information.

4/21/09 News Release: New Product Improvements Announced

Cloud Company is pleased to offer, as an option, a product improvement to the Drum Major and Troll Ball products. Effective May 1, 2009, a 4-tooth rotor will be available for use in all existing models to replace the existing Teflon governor or rotor on the Drum Major, 2" Troll Ball and 3" Troll Ball models.

The 4-tooth will be installed in place of the existing Teflon rotor, when desired, and will be a stationary component that will sit over the vertical shaft and will act like an impellor. The water will go through the motor and hit the leg or tooth of the rotor sitting over the vertical shaft to rotate the shaft and ball assemblies. The 4-tooth rotor should extend the wear life of the machines since it will avoid wear to the stem of the motor and the driving arm.

If you wish to order this option in new machines or as spare parts for the existing field units just let us know.

4/21/09 New Product Announcements

Model 363: Cloud is pleased to formally introduce the Model 363 patented Low Flow technology machine for Low Flow applications. The Model 363 will provide cleaning of tanks quickly and efficiently with a minimum of effluent. The 363 is available in both Food Grade Oil lubricated and Flow thru gearbox designs, offers both a 655:1 and 273:1 gear ratio and comes in both Dual and Triple nozzle configurations.

Jumbo 6 High Temp Model: The Sellers Jumbo 6 machine has been the unit of choice in Brewkettles for many years and remains an excellent cleaning device. The Jumbo HT model operates at temperatures up to 500 degrees F, and can be used in steam applications and in both CIP and SIP applications.