Made in the U.S.A.

Tanks to 80' (24.4 M) in Diameter


TankJet AA290: Consistent High-Impact Cleaning Day In and Day Out


  • Cleans large tanks, vats and vessels with high impact
  • Multi-axis rotation of solid stream nozzles provides 360° coverage
  • External air or explosion-proof electric motor drives rotational speed of nozzle hub assembly
  • Solid stream nozzles feature special stabilizer vanes to reduce turbulence and increase cleaning effectiveness
  • Choice of two- or four-nozzle hub – four-nozzle hub provides faster cleaning

Ideal for:

  • Fermenters
  • Process tanks
  • Paint tanks
  • Tanker trucks

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful performance – cleans with high impact while consuming less liquid
  • Easy maintenance – fewer internal parts than fluid-driven turbine units means fewer repairs and less clogging
  • Long service life – rotational speed and cycle times stay relatively constant even when liquid pressure increases
  • Global field support – dedicated sales engineers in more than 80 countries Contact Us

TankJet AA290 tank cleaner
For tanks up to 80' (24.4 m) dia.
AA290 Specification Sheet