Made in the U.S.A.

Jumbo Tank Cleaner

The Sellers Jumbo 6 is a compact, lightweight, non-lubricated tank cleaning machine that offers unmatched flexibility and reliability for critical tank cleaning. It is designed to clean tanks to 30 ft (9 m) in diameter. The Jumbo units are designed for use in CIP installations and all components are 316 stainless or food grade approved materials. The unit is hydraulically operated through a fluid drive that provides rotational speed to assure optimum cleaning by powerful jet streams. There are no reduction gears and no lubrication is required. The Jumbo units have 45 tooth external, self-cleaning gears, which provide a thorough 360-degree indexing cleaning pattern every 45 revolutions. The Jumbo is available in 3 different nozzle sizes, and 3 different configurations. The HT model is available for applications up to temperatures of 500 degrees. Recommended operating pressures of 50-150 psi (3.5-10.3 bar).

Ideal for breweries, dairies and other food industries.

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