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Model 360/363 Tank Cleaners

Model 360

The Sellers 360 is the most durable and reliable tank cleaning machine available worldwide today!

The Sellers 360 Rotary Tank Cleaner combines all the features needed to handle the most serious tank cleaning problems. Gear ratio options, a variety of nozzle sizes, and the choice of 2 or 3 nozzles, food grade oil lubricated, or flow through gearbox designs provide maximum cleaning flexibility, predictable cleaning results and minimum cleaning cycle times.

The dual nozzle machines are traditionally the unit of choice in the Bulk Transport industry for cleaning of Bulk Transport trucks. These models are far superior in design, workmanship, reliability, performance, and service life to any other competitive models.

The Triple nozzle unit is also the unit of choice at major breweries, performing well for over 30 years.

The Sellers 360 provides a powerful and thorough 360-degree cleaning pattern every 60 revolutions, and models are available with either a 655:1 or 273:1 gear ratio, and different rotor and stator combinations to fit your application needs.

Models can operate efficiently from 40-700 psi (2.81-49.2 kg/cm2), at flows ranging between 30-300 gpm (1.89-18.92 l/s).

Effective cleaning diameter to 75 ft (25 m).

Model 360 Horizontal

Sellers also offers the Model 360 as a horizontally mounted configuration. Developed specifically for over-the road tanker applications, the Model 360 Horizontal provides a powerful cleaning stream that hits the ends of the trailers during every revolution of the nozzle carrier. This provides a more concentrated spray pattern to the ends, which traditionally, have been the hardest areas to clean or to remove residues such as latex and oils. Please see the video link at the bottom of this page.

Model 363

Patented Low Flow Technology for Low Waste Water Consumption.

The Model 363 allows cleaning of tanks to be accomplished more quickly and efficiently with a minimum of effluent. This powerful, new technology is a must for companies concerned with stiffening EPA regulations and rising costs of treating wastewater.


  • Portable or CIP (Clean-In-Place) Configurations
  • Self-Lubricating Flow-Thru or USDA Approved Lubricated Gearbox
  • Dual or Triple Nozzle Housing
  • Eight Nozzle Sizes Ranging From .125" to .250" (3.2 mm to 6.4 mm)


  • Castings of 316 Stainless Steel


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