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B, BX Series Hydraulic Jets

The B Series

The B Jet models are designed for external cleaning of plant equipment and may also be used as feed devices for our small rotating tank cleaners. The B Jet is available in five (5) model capacities: B250, B450, B600, B1000 and B1250 GPH. This series requires a minimum of 60 psi steam and will combine cold water and steam to provide a high-pressure, hot water discharge solution, which is generally 2⅓ times the input steam pressure. NO MOVING PARTS.

The B Series is designed to be used with Sellers’ ¾" wire braid hose with spring protectors and swivel connections and the auto-shutoff safety lances and nozzles.

BX Series

The BX Jets are designed to provide greater capacities of high-pressure hot water for internal cleaning applications. These models can replace pumps and heat exchangers in a pass through, or non-recirculating application. They are ideal as feed devices for tank cleaning machines or multiple point cleaning units or nozzles. BX models are available in 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 GPH ranges.

The BX may not be used with hose and lances.

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